100% Cotton ForloraShroud™ Burial Shroud

100% Cotton ForloraShroud&#153 Burial Shroud
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100% Cotton ForloraShroud&#153 Burial Shroud
Persons of the Baha'i Faith, please visit www.forlora.com

This all natural 100% cotton ForloraShroud™ is not certified as organic. Although this fabric has not undergone the certification process we have sought the best possible fabric made from 100% cotton.

Included with the five piece ForloraShroud is a small instructional pamphlet.

Additionally, when you purchase this ForloraShroud™ burial shroud you receive a FREE booklet containing photographs and instructions to properly lift and turn the body of the deceased as well as photographs of six shrouding options.

Be sure to look for your link during checkout to download your FREE instructional booklet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if we need the burial shroud right away?
      • In many cases the burial shroud can be shipped same day air. Expedited delivery is quite expensive, so we encourage pre-planning. The order for same day air must arrive by 9:00am central time and you must call to confirm your order. Although we attempt to fill are orders and most carriers are reliable, we cannot guarantee shipment due to unforeseen circumstances, inclement weather, etc. Next day air is available through FedEx if the burial shroud must arrive on Saturday. UPS does not deliver on weekends. Please call to place your order if you need weekend delivery or next day air.
      • What is the burial shroud made of?
        • We use high quality 100% natural cotton fabric. The edges of each of the five pieces of the Forlora™ shroud are beautifully sewn to prevent fraying for a beautiful finished shroud.
        • I have never used a burial shroud before, how do I use the fabric?
          • Within the packaged five piece Forlora™ shroud is a small pamphlet that briefly describes four methods that can be used to shroud a body. Additionally, when you purchase the burial shroud you may download a complimentary instructional booklet that demonstrates several shrouding examples in which you can use the fabric, (photographs included).

          • Where are the ForloraShrouds™ manufactured?
            • All of our ForloraShrouds™ are manufactured locally in the United States. The seams of the ForloraShroud™ are meticulously sewn. The five pieces of fabric are separate pieces to provide various shrouding options based upon each unique situation.